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A View from the Top (OCR)

Did you know you can keep your finger on the pulse of HIPAA breach activity in the U.S.? Understanding other CE breach events, their discovery, remediation actions and fines will help move your HIPAA compliance program along.

The U.S. Department of Health & Services ( Office of Civil Rights (OCR) publishes a variety of metrics regarding their HIPAA compliance enforcement – Enforcement Results by Calendar Year, Enforcement Results by State, and the Top Five Issues in Investigated Cases Closed with Corrective Action are a few examples. These reports illustrate the source, extent and types of violations.

In addition, a link on our website takes you to a Melamedia site with a wealth of both free and purchasable reports that can help you keep up to date on the current state of HIPAA compliance as well as recommendations and training materials.

Each of these links will provide you with the facts and risk avoidance strategies to support your investment in achieving HIPAA compliance. This window into the state of other entities like yours will help you highlight your weaknesses and support your efforts to fully protect your institution.

Orion Group Managed Services offers Security Management consulting support and assists our customers in its design and implementation. Schedule a consultation today with one of our experts to find the answers your company needs.

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