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Custom Application Project- A Case Study

A growing non-profit organization needed to be able to provide a common interface, data input and tracking and access to over 50 regionally distributed offices around the Midwest. Leadership needed a dashboard to view both location-specific and consolidated data to better manage their performance.

Scope, requirements and constraints

  • Map business processes.
  • Identify all relevant data elements and data relationships.
  • Choose appropriate technologies (database and programming language).
  • Develop timeline and cost estimates.
  • Agree on project phases.
  • Identify customer resources, IT, testers and approvers.

Considerations: With no IT staff, OGSE recommended using Microsoft technologies and a cloud hosting solution. Microsoft SQL/Server and programming tools are industry standards. Should the non-profit opt in the future to work with another vendor, finding alternatives would be easy. Hosting the application in the cloud would provide world-class server hosting with no IT headcount requirement. Orion Group as an IT partner, provided a one-stop shop providing both outstanding programming leadership, as well as managed IT support for their cloud hosted server environment.

Project: The organization had tight year-end deadlines. Licensing renewal for their core existing client server application was close on the horizon. The Orion Group application development team leveraged the agile development model to quickly work out requirements and get the development completed on time.

Deliverables: Orion Group was able to provide an access-level managed dashboard, servicing all of their locations via the internet cloud. Individual users were able to see information just on their location, but directors could view summary or detail information company-wide. The interface application ran on a wide variety of devices. They accessed the application from PCs, Chromebooks, Macs, tablets and phones.

By first understanding the requirements, including organization use, timeline, budget, resource constraints and long-term goals, Orion Group was able to design, build, deploy and support an application in record time. This involves listening, processing, tools, technology expertise, and solutioning at the highest level. By looking out for its customers, Orion Group hopes to build fruitful, long lasting, productive relationships.

Orion Group offers custom application development support and assists its customers in its design, build and implementation.

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