Application Technology for a Competitive Edge

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is about leveraging tools to give your company a competitive edge. Since 1985, Orion Group has helped mid-level manufacturers and distributors improve their profits and productivity through ERP and the use of SYSPRO’S award winning software.  Whether you’re an owner looking to minimize the gridlock of workflow disruptions, a plant manager streamlining supply chain management, or a controller seeking financial management tools to trim cost inefficiencies, we offer turnkey solutions with a local presence for responsive service and support.

An application will eventually run out its technological life cycle, or a business may unexpectedly shift or grow beyond the capabilities of its existing application. Devising and executing a new ERP solution for your business is an essential and often monumental undertaking. Even when only light customizations are required to achieve seamless integration, you are relying on the highest level of experience and industry knowledge to achieve the results your business needs. Orion Group offers a suite of software options, including our preferred partner SYSPRO, to tailor a solution that will satisfy your requirements. In collaboration with our software partners, we offer all the services required to ensure that you will be able to rely on your business solution — now and in the future.

What Makes Orion Group Different

Investing in software is only the first step towards achieving your long-term business objectives. The successful implementation of that software ensures a solid foundation for your entire enterprise, with the ability to grow and adapt to changes in the economy and the global market. Orion Group is there for you through every moment of the product life cycle, from planning to implementation to ongoing support & education.

  • Decades of Experience
    Orion Group has been planning solutions long before the term ERP even existed. Most ERP team members have been with Orion Group for over 20 years, cultivating expertise in manufacturing and project management that is second to none.
  • No Hand-offs; Ever!
    We don’t farm anything out or pass you on to an “implementer” once you’ve selected Orion Group as your vendor. Our ERP strategy consultants are more often than not the same staff managing the implementation of your project.
  • No Hidden Costs
    Orion Group can provide you and other key decision makers with a realistic financial picture of SYSPRO migration costs — one that justifies recommended requirements and demonstrates potential ROI.
  • Ongoing Support, Services & Education
    A well planned ERP solution should live with your business for many, many years. We provide system training, onsite support, and are always just a phone call or email away.
  • Testing, Testing, Testing
    We provide detailed project management and never “go live” until our solution and client is truly ready to do so.
  • Joint Application Development (JAD) Sessions
    We collaborate with you during our prototyping process for the most effective, efficient end product.
  • Custom Solutions Tailored to You
    We’ve chosen SYSPRO as our preferred partner for its flexibility in customizations. You’ll never be locked in to a fixed product – our solutions conform to our clients’ exact specifications.