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Hacker Gets Arrested in TalkTalk Hack

They got him! Police have arrested a 15-year-old boy in Northern Ireland in connection with the hacking of the TalkTalk website.

TalkTalk is a broadband services company located in the UK. The TalkTalk website was down and stock in the company fell more than 12% when the news of the hack broke. Response from the authorities was almost unprecedented; illustrating that cybercrime will be vigorously addressed. The joint investigation that nabbed the ‘perp’ involved the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) cybercrime center, National Crime Agency (NCA) and detectives from the Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit (MPCCU).

More than 4 million UK customers’ banking details and personal information could have been accessed. The extent of the breach is still ongoing. Orion Group’s partner, BAE Systems, has been engaged by TalkTalk to investigate the cyber-attack and analyze the vast quantities of data to help establish how the breach took place and what information was stolen.

From what we know so far, it looks like a relatively well-known attack scenario was utilized by the hacker to distract and gain access to the application. With the appropriate focus on security, TalkTalk could have prevented this attack. This illustrates the value of a managed risk assessment as part of a comprehensive security management approach to locking down their digital environment.

Law enforcement agencies in the UK, Europe and the United States and industry leaders, like BAE Systems, are now working more closely together to share experience and leverage expertise to vigorously investigate and bring to justice cyber criminals. But the best approach is to get in front of the curve by implementing solid security management program at your business.

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