From Enterprise to PC Level Networks

A network, no matter the size, is the least glamorous of all the IT functions. It consists of routers, switches, modems, ISPs, wires, local computers, servers, back-up, public drives and more.  Most employees (and even employers) are oblivious to what goes on behind the scenes of an office network, until something stops functioning.

Give It a Break

Most IT support companies operate on a break/fix model.  Simply put: if something breaks, they fix that specific problem and send an invoice. Of course, addressing just the symptoms of downtime (and not the root cause) does not allow clients to plan and budget efficiently for IT expenses. Instead, it leads to unpredictable peaks and valleys in overall performance.  Worse still, it also prevents the support team from focusing on the bigger picture since they are always in the weeds.

Give Yourself A Break

Your time is precious. You have more important issues to deal with than your computer network. It is, however, a critical facet of your company’s productivity. In order to enjoy business success, that network must run predictably, optimally, and securely.

Our fully managed program is the ideal solution for an organization like yours, one that demands the utmost in network reliability and productivity. When you entrust the management of your important IT resources to us, we view it as a partnership. Our approach is comprehensive and professional. Our engineers possess not only industry recognized certifications, but more importantly the hands on, front line experience needed to create a steady state for your network.

By optimizing your network’s performance, it will work at the peak efficiency and reliability levels that your business demands, allowing you to focus on running your business, not your network.

Virtual CIO Consultant

With another highly informed resource at your disposal (who will understand your problems as if they were his/her own), you can confidently implement your IT strategy plan.

enSircle Managed IT Suite

Introducing The enSircle Managed IT Suite. Security, networking, data protection and user support — Orion Group handles it all. Take a look at our enSircle Managed IT Suite and its valuable features.

enSure Offsite Backup

Do You Have a Backup Plan? Is your mission-critical data safe in the event of emergency or disaster? We offer planning and infrastructure to get your company back on its feet easily and fast.