Manage Your IT, Don’t Let It Manage You

Comprehensive Monitoring + Preventative Maintenance

Our enSircle Managed IT Suite is designed to address the needs of businesses seeking an alternative to the flawed “break/fix” support model. With the synergy of comprehensive monitoring and preventative maintenance, we transform a reactive work environment into a proactive one:

  • Continuous:  Our 24/7 monitoring service utilizes secure agents and probes to constantly scan your mission critical network devices and applications such as email, application/file servers, and internet connections.  This enables our team to report on health status and take corrective and preventative measures, virtually eliminating potential issues.
  • Responsive:  With our structured response mechanism, we remotely diagnose and  swiftly remediate any IT failure; doing so greatly reduces its business impact by minimizing downtime and the possibility of recurrence.
  • Flexible:  Every client brings different assets to the table.  Orion Group provides customized services to account for and support as many aspects of your network as possible — any and all relevant workstations, servers and network components.
  • People-Centered:  Our signature strength is our people.  Our seasoned team brings considerable technical experience and judgment to offer you personal, friendly support that complements your staff.  We can act as your de facto IT department, or we can augment your company’s current skill set, incorporating both overflow and out-tasked services.

Affordable IT Support & Management for a Fixed Monthly Price

It’s that simple. Our experienced team provides the benefits of an internal IT department for a fraction of the price to staff one yourself.  We offer Flexible Service Levels to support your specific needs.

Although enSircle-Lite is considered to be our entry level product, it still provides 24/7 monitoring of your network’s most critical components. For clients that want to manage the majority of alerts on their IT environment, enSircle-Lite is perfect!
enSircle Level 1 (Monitoring)
When the environment requires a bit more involvement from the experts at Orion Group, many of our clients choose our Level 1 Monitoring arrangement. enSircle Level 1 provides peace of mind with its 24/7 watchful eye and response to any received alert by Orion Group’s enSircle team members.  Level 1 also keeps security patches and updates monitored and deployed to ensure your environment is safe.
enSircle Level 2 (Monitoring and Management)
With all the features of our Level 1 coverage, enSircle Level 2 begins introducing the real power of enSircle…  IT Management!  With built in remediation hours and a more involved level from our experienced Engineers, enSircle Level 2 fits many size businesses – including companies with an IT Staff that would like some occasional assistance.
enSircle Level 3 (Full Management)
Including all the features of enSircle Levels 1 & 2, our Level 3 full management program allows your business to harness the full power of our enSircle team.  enSircle Level 3 allows Orion Group to fully manage virtually every aspect of your IT environment – hardware, networking, applications, security and much more.  With enSircle Level 3 we provide all of the necessary remote and onsite remediation time as well as periodic consulting to keep your business running optimally and with an eye on the future!  enSircle Level 3 does it all and at a fixed fee!

Not sure which Flexible Service Level is right for you?

Security, networking, data protection and user support —  Orion Group handles it all with finesse and for a predictable, monthly price. Get started now with a free IT assessment from our strategy team.