On Demand Guidance

Any business executive who reluctantly wears the demanding hat of IT manager/CIO understands that a critical component of the job involves steady planning and periodic technology upgrades.  Fortunately, while the core enSircle Managed IT Suite service ensures your network is alive and well, it goes even further:

As an option to your monthly agreement, you can take advantage of Virtual CIO hours, in which an expert strategist helps guide and build a plan for your IT environment.  Overburdened business owners, as well as those unable to add a CIO to executive payroll ranks, find this feature a great value-add.  With another highly informed resource at your disposal (who will understand your problems as if they were his/her own), you can confidently implement your IT strategy plan.

Context, then Collaboration

  1. First things first:  your Virtual CIO works with you to understand your industry, your business, and your specific needs.
  2. Building on that knowledge, your Virtual CIO assesses your company data,  in terms of where it travels, how it is used, how it is stored, and most importantly — how to attain the most benefit from your data.
  3. With all of that valuable context, your Virtual CIO is available to provide ongoing strategic and solutions-based IT recommendations.

Never On Your Own

Your Virtual CIO can partner with you for a range of important IT considerations, including:

  • Recommendations for new technologies and benefits/costs
  • Strategic Guidance in high speed network design, software solutions, business issues, and IT spend
  • Project Management to keep IT projects on track and within budget

As a Hewlett Packard Channel Partner, Microsoft Certified Solution Provider, and XEROX Advanced Products Reseller, Orion Group can truly provide enterprise level expertise and experience.  Whether your environment is a local or wide area network, Orion Group provides assistance with the critical issue of network design with built-in expansion capabilities for future growth.  We provide a full range of networking solutions and services, including:

  • Detailed Network Diagrams and Analysis
  • Systems Integration
  • High Speed Networking
  • Fault Tolerance (from RAID to redundant services)
  • Printing Solutions
  • Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, remote access, wireless, Internet connectivity, and firewalls.

Our installation and configuration services include a full range of networking hardware.

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