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Lessons Learned from the Sony Hack

The recent Sony hack demonstrates again, what can happen to an organization who doesn’t take a more serious approach to information security. This latest breach has significant financial consequences. Exposed executive communications, publication of prerelease films and the cost to respond all negatively affect Sony’s bottom line. The lessons learned from the Sony breach apply to all businesses, including healthcare providers.

In his recent post, Timothy B. Lee of Vox discusses what we’ve learned from this hack.

Invest in network security. Most companies underinvest until disaster strikes. Take a formal, controlled approach to network security by establishing a security management framework. Make the right investments in people, process and technology.

Assume you will have a breach. It’s not ‘if’ but ‘when.’ Be well-prepared to respond to attacks. For instance, make and test your data backup so that you know you can quickly recover in the event important data is deleted or corrupted.

Coach your executives on the appropriate content for emails and other digital correspondence. Write with the expectation that these communications could be exposed outside the intended audience.

Sony will continue in business, but not without significant loss of reputation and cost. How about you? What is your exposure?

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