User-Centered Design Practices

User Experience Design (U/X) is predicated on the idea that an interface, application, tool, etc. will only be truly effective if core concepts, strategies, and product wireframes are able to tap into the behaviors, values, and immediate mindset of its target end audience.

In terms of software development, Orion Group uses toolsets that not only allow us to rapidly develop software and systems, but also provide us with user interface templates and designs that are built for ease-of-use and an efficient user experience.  In many cases, we begin with such templates as a structural foundation upon which to build a detailed, custom interface that meets the client’s user experience needs.

Collaborative Methods

With any software we develop — web and PC-based — Orion Group fully documents the user interface. During this process, our client is intimately involved, providing feedback throughout. After a number of refining iterations, the final design is presented to the client for approval and serves as a blueprint for the next step: software development.

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