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WordPress User? Then you need to read this!

According to Wikipedia, a CMS (content management system) supports the creation and modification of digital content using a common user interface and thus usually supporting multiple users working in a collaborative environment. CMS’s have been available since the late 1990s. WordPress is the most popular CMS and is used on over one-quarter of all websites and over half of all CMS websites worldwide. This popularity makes it a great target for hackers.

Based on its leading market share, attacks on WordPress websites have increased astronomically. The most common attacks use known vulnerabilities in the WordPress core or its plugins. Vendors release patches and updates often to fix discovered vulnerabilities, so unmanaged websites are now more quickly becoming out-of-date and vulnerable.

WordPress sites that go unmanaged can be vulnerable to viruses, imbedded Trojans, redirects, spam, malware, obfuscated JavaScript Injections, hidden code, phishing attempts, cross-site scripting, backdoors, defacement, anomalies, SQL injection, IP cloaking, social engineering attempts, drive-by-downloads and hundreds of other criminal activities that can harm your site’s integrity, usefulness and your business’s interface with your customers. Good website management practices are required to ensure your website is not susceptible to these and other attacks.

A managed IT services contract can help you ensure that your website is managed professionally and stays secure. Typically, that contract will include a review of your site architecture, code and business value. The web developers will then make recommendations on any changes required to address gaps, like applying patches, updating plug-in’s, adjusting security levels, reviewing backups, etc. Once the review and ensuing fixes are applied, the managed services team will put solid operational practices in place, like monitoring tools, a change management process and ongoing support.

Chances are, if you implemented a WordPress CMS, you haven’t done a very good job of managing your site from a security point of view. Because your managed services company manages many websites, they bring the tools, experience, discipline, capability, efficiency and process to the table to support a professionally managed website. In addition, they bring their design experience to the table to help you make your website a better customer interface tool.

If you’re not paying this level of attention to your WordPress website, you’re playing with fire. Your website may already be hacked and you just don’t know it yet. Consider finding a firm like Orion Group Software Engineers to give you a quote for a professionally managed website.

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